Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Here's a film for the most refined and discerningly cultured tastes. Theater-lovers be warned, when you watch it, your emotions will surely bubble over. You will experience joy, fear, sadness, and possibly tears. Men, don't let your ladies see you cry. Ladies, grab a tissue and get cozy. Prepare to be mesmerized. I doubt anything has ever tugged on your heartstrings like this will.

I just recently dug this out of a forgotten drawer. I'm pretty sure I was in grade school when I made it. I hope.


  1. cheese and rice!! that is AWESOME, really really gross and AWESOME. great job, i would love to see you do some Flash stuff.
    Also this software is free, it just does 2D animation check it out.

  2. Oh, my God - that's a two-hankey movie! I loved the holy hell out of that. You did that one in "grade school," eh? Pffft. Sure, whatever. Be honest! You did that last week, right?

    Brad is right - you have to do a flash animation for that.

    BTW - thanks for joining in over at Kids' Comics! -- Mykal

  3. Hey, Thanks Brad! I downloaded it. I'll give it a try. it looks fun and easy.

    Mykal, Thanks for the kind words! I did that in the 80s. Back then it was more avant-garde and impressive to make booger jokes. Either that or my 12 year old audience was easier to impress.

  4. I linked to this on my facebook account and my sister-in-law left this comment:

    "This caused me to dry heave and I could only watch like 10 seconds...where do you find this stuff?"

    I thought you'd appreciate that.

  5. Boy, it just goes on and on, doesn't it?

    If you had a couple of free weeks, you could probably scan those pages and make a quicktime movie out of it.

  6. Well animated...

    a few well placed anticipations would kick it up a notch,{ sorry..it's the teacher in me!} ...but seriously..how old were you when you did that....natural instinctive animation!

  7. Anonymous - WOW! You should force her to watch it and film her reaction.

    Bob - It goes on as long as the notepad paper holds out. It's almost too long to comfortably flip.

    Willy - Thanks for the kind words and the tips! So you are a teacher?

  8. Hi KW

    Not full time but i have taught. I lecture and mentor and would like to teach full time one day soon.

    I like to help students and young animators create better animation. When I'm directing, i consider it a form of teaching, especially with less experienced crew.

    Your test here was really good! Grade school!!??


  9. Thanks Willy, and now I know who to come to in the future if I need to do some professional stuff. There's no date written on the flip book and I'm a little fuzzy on when I did it. I'm thinking I was in the 8th grade. I remember showing kids at school in a specific classroom. I also had a super-8 film camera and my cousin and brother and I did a lot of clay animation back then.


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