Monday, May 25, 2009

CROWS painting

This was going to be a fairy tale style children's story involving crows, potatoes, an old castle, and a scared kid. This is as far as I got. The crows keep coming back for more potatoes until the kid has no more. The crows give the kid three days before they come back. The kid must figure out how to satisfy the crows' potato demands or she can never leave the castle's prison tower. Being locked up in a castle makes it very difficult to produce potatoes, so the kid must think up an ingenious plan.

Kind of like in the Escape Hatch painting I posted a while back, this painting has 2 light sources: one being the moon, and the other coming from the opposite direction inside the room.

The stoney walls were fun to paint. After doing the overall base color, I drew stone or brick lines in with the shadow color. When that dried I used the highlight color and hit the edges facing the light. 


  1. with her eyes wide open like that she better be careful those crows don't pop one out!
    very cool, very creepy painting keith!

  2. ow! that makes my eye hurt thinking about it.

  3. I love this painting.

    That's a cool back-story too. Perhaps at the end she only has one potato left. She decides to pit the birds against one another by offering it to the largest crow. She tell the crow he was the strongest and deserved it the most. The others crows are angered, and they begin fighting over it, and eventually they all kill each other. Being so overjoyed by her new-found freedom, she jumps up but accidentally lurches herself backwards out the window of the tower. :)

  4. HA HA!!!!! That's it! that's the ending I've been needing! you are a genius! It could be a fable with a moral about the evils of gloating. The moral needs to be in rhyme form.

    "He who jumpeth for joy and gloat-eth
    Is doomed to also be mortally smote-eth."

    (only better than that)

  5. I like that rhyme. Those old fables sometimes have several morals. She also could have lost her motor-coordination, from being confined to that chair so long. So a second moral could be "if a person doesn't stand up for herself, eventually she can't stand up at all" :)


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