Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I've been doing these for extra moola. I charge $60 PER FACE and size isn't really a factor (other than available paper sizes). Actually I prefer larger, since I don't need to do a lot of finicky, eye and hand straining details. A group of faces is still $60 per face even if they are all on the same piece of paper.  

I prefer working from photos rather than live models since I don't have to worry about them wiggling around. Also their expressions change from happy to angry as they see how their portrait is coming, so their face becomes a mixture of joyous, tearful, frightened and furious emotions.

Babies and pretty people are very difficult to draw since they don't have distinguishing wrinkles, warts, sores, or missing teeth I can exploit. I love drawing ugly people for this reason. In light of this, I've made a new special offer. Ugly people are cheaper since their likenesses are easier to capture. I am the judge of whether or not you are ugly, so you can't claim yer ugly just to get a better deal! I'm on to you cheapskates! HA!

Those last 2 guys got one of those special deals I was talking about.


  1. haha! excellent keith! really...is there anything you can't do? geez!

  2. thanks, Brad, for the kind words

  3. Great works ! Very photo-realistic.
    Keep up the good work..

    Just a small piece of advice. Display the Commissioned Portraits in white background. That way they look more photo realistic.
    That was just my opinion.

    Hope to see more of your works :-)

    Kind regards.

  4. Thanks buddy for the kind words! I've been using colored paper because it's what everyone keeps requesting.


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