Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have no explanation for this painting. The only reason things are in there where they are is because I needed an object to fill a blank space. That bird cage is there solely for the purpose of filling an empty place. Even the signature is where it is to fill up a blank spot. 

It started as a corner of a room, and then I sat for a while and tried to think up what could be in that corner. I drew a big bean in the middle, and put legs on it, and before I knew it, this happened. 

I spent the most time trying to decide what word the guy would be writing on the wall. I couldn't think of a word I wouldn't gradually get tired of seeing. Eventually I settled on a random squiggle. At the time I actually thought to myself, "Yes, a squiggle is best because that will make sense in any language."

There's yellow light coming from inside the room, and light blue moon light coming through the window. Every shadow in the entire painting is made with transparent (watered down) purple paint.


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