Sunday, May 31, 2009


I got this taxidermy bat when I went to Thailand last Summer. I thought it was the greatest thing in the world when I saw it, and it was only about $3 or $4 dollars American money. I bet it was even cheaper than that, but since I was a tourist I got the high price. It's fairly large too; it's got a 13" wingspan. He's got red glass eyes which give him a seriously creepy expression. It says "HAIRLESS BAT" but he's got a pretty hairy body.

Mei was okay with me buying it. She said it would look very nice in my TV room. Translation: It ain't going in the living room.

I was worried I wouldn't get him onto the plane because they give you a card to fill out, and it asks if you are bringing any food, soil, or animals into the country. I talked with someone and they said at this point it's no more an animal than my leather belt and I'd be okay. I was surprised the window of the glass box wasn't shattered with the way luggage guys fling suitcases.

I bought it pretty early on in my vacation, and after I bought the thing, it consumed my every thought. I worried the entire trip I was gonna break it or lose it, or it would be stolen. Mei would periodically comfort me and tell me nothing would happen to it, but I felt like something was bound to happen. Usually when I like something that much, fate will destroy it. Amazingly though it did make it home.

Here's an unfinished bat drawing:


  1. that is creepy! pleeeease never ever get one for our kids. ;) i think the red eyes make him more creepy. that is funny you were worried about it. that is how kevin would be with an instrument. have a good week.

  2. hahaha, great story. man that bat is freaky deeky coool!

  3. M&M's Mom,
    Okay, two bats coming right up!

    thanks, that bat is the coolest!

  4. It's educational as well as tasteful!


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