Monday, May 4, 2009


Here's a painting of a old guy happy to be alive. This makes me think of 2 selfish wishes I have for myself: (1.) I hope I can live to be a healthy upright old guy like this, and (2.) I hope when I'm that old, I'm happy enough to dance a jig in my underwear. I don't care so much I'm in my right mind as long as I'm happy. Also I hope my wife Mei is there with me. (That makes 3 wishes.)

This painting has the most horrible background. I think it would be a lot better with a circular 2-tone gradient background instead of the hideous rainbow stripes. I want to repaint the background but with the see-thru hair it seems un-fun.

Normally you aren't supposed to point out your mistakes because you call attention to something a person may not have noticed without you directing their eyes toward it. In this case though, with the glowing puke-smear stripes, there ain't no NOT noticing it.


  1. haha i like his belly button! i wouldn't have noticed the background but now that I have i think you should probably just paint the whole thing white and start again...just kidding!

  2. ha ha! thanks for liking his belly button!


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