Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The 6-round cylinder flips out...
...and is removable.

My sister-in-law brought this over from China for me. It's a very awesomely terrific wooden Magnum 357 kit. It came as 2 sheets of 1/8" thick die-cut plywood. You pop all the pieces out and glue them together. There had to be over 100 pieces, and no instructions.

I feel like I'm fairly competent woodworker but this was a nightmare to put together. Each time I glued something together, I'd realize it didn't go there, or I should have glued another piece on first. If you need to un-glue some pieces of wood, you douse them with rubbing alcohol and the glue will melt.

She also got me another kit (you can see it in the 1st photo.) It says "BeiJing Quadrangle Courtyard House" and the kit is not just 2 plywood sheets like the gun; it is 7 sheets. Gulp! As much trouble as I had with the gun, I'm gonna need to do a lot of kungfu-style mental preparation before I attempt the courtyard house. It looks really fancy with lots of little doors and hallways, and columns and passages,  and windows and steps, but who's gonna be putting all THAT together?! I guess 1 full sheet gets used as the base, so there are really only 6 sheets of plywood to worry about, BUT STILL!


  1. Hmm. Your sister in law gave me one of those kits of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. I haven't had time to put it together yet, as my own blog is now absorbing all of my free time. I wonder if the Temple one will be hard to put together too.

  2. hahahah! wow i know it must have been almost impossible to put together if you had trouble!
    it seems like it would be a scary thing to bring back from china on a plane! if a wooden gun doesnt spell terrorist i dont know what does...i cant way to see the Courtyard House!

  3. that's instructions though, ha!

  4. Thanks Bob, Brad, and Extremo!

    i think your Temple of Heaven kit would be somewhat more pleasant to make. it's a lot of the same thing in a circlular shape. maybe once you figure out the 1st one, the rest will be the same. i guess? I didn't get a good look at it.

    Brad, Yikes! I didn't thing about that! ha ha! she DID bring a gun onto the plane!!

    I think it wouldn't have mattered even if it did come with instructions they would have been in Chinese so I would't have been able to read them.


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