Sunday, March 14, 2010


It's alive! It's alive! HA HA HA! (I hope you guys know that reference so I don't just appear to be insane.)

This is the last step in the building process of this eggroll man. All that remains is painting. You can see the earlier steps in the my previous posts.

On the back of the guitar I drilled a little hole and glued in a dowel. In the eggroll's belly I drilled another hole for this dowel to be inserted. I arched the back of the guitar neck too, but I don't know if it will be noticeable once he's all put together.

Also I put some eyebrows on him. I thought since the eyebrows were actually drawn on the design it made them significant, so rather than just painting them on, I wanted them to have substance.

Here's the side view:

The top view:

The back view:

Neither the guitar nor the arms are glued in yet. It will be easier to paint the separate pieces beforehand.
He's very much like a model kit now. Tomorrow I'll paint him and glue the pieces together.



  1. I hope Rock'n'Egg-Rolly ends up with a better gig than playing to no audience on a barren field in the suburbs~!

  2. Ha ha! I guess he'll be a little better off when he gets to his restaurant. or worse. maybe some kid will tear his arms off.

  3. I'd love to see this guy animated! I'm sure a man of your talents could build a stop motion puppet!

    These latest posts have been a great deal of fun!

  4. sorry to be out of the loop so long Keith :(
    Your creation is worthy of the wooden figures made for George Pal's famous (stop-mo) Puppet Toons in the old days!
    I gotta move to E-ville now just to be closer to this 8th Wonder of my world. It lives indeed.

  5. Willy, Maybe that can be a future project. Thanks!

    R/E Welcome back! and Welcome to Eville! Thanks!


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