Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This guitar-playing eggroll guy is done! Finally. See the building process for this guy in my previous posts. He is a 3D version of the 2D mascot of Wok N Roll restaurant here in Evansville, IN.

After painting him, I glued in his arms and the guitar, and clear-coated him with Krylon brand clear acrylic spray. I used satin finish rather than gloss so he didn't get a shiny glare are certain angles.

Here are some random shots.




He seems slightly stumped or thoughtful in this picture, like he's in the middle of a song but forgot the lyrics.




I gave him to Jane, the lady who owns the restaurant and she seemed very happy. She's trying to think up a way to display him where he can't be broken. He looks just like a toy so it's highly likely he'll eventually get his arm(s) twisted off by kids. The goal though, is to let him keep his arms where they are.

If anyone has any ideas as far as displaying him let me know. My 1st thought was to put him in a bubblegum machine globe. They make giant glass globes. I don't know where I'd get one but I know they exist.

I cobbled together some photos and made this clunky animated spin. The music was created by my brother Kevin and me.


  1. Bravo Maestro! Genius will out.
    You never cease to amaze me. :)

  2. Love it~! He's all that and then some. Has Jane given him a name ?

    Possible Display Solution: Buy an old used square-box shaped record player, glue a record to the turntable, glue Eggy to the record; buy an old fish-tank, square, and use it as the lid-cover to the pedestal mounted turntable. Set turntable to spin on slowest speed. Assemble all contents described above~!

    Eggy spins, protected.

  3. R/E
    Thanks friend!

    Lysdexicuss, I originally called him Mr. Eggroll (admittedly uncreative) but Jane renamed him Mr Eggwok because she said that sounded cute.

    Your display idea is genius! It's so obvious after I read it, there is no other way to do it! I love the spinning record player idea. you are clever.

  4. KW: Actually, a better idea might be, set the glass-enclosed turntable with Mr. Eggwok on the counter near the cash register... rig it up with a BUTTON, with a bold RED ARROW pointed at it and a sign 'Press Here'...

    Kids press the button, with supplies juice (power) to the turntable on a 20 second timer~!

    This will entertain Parents and Kids alike while they wait for their Take-Out orders inside Wok'N'Roll.

  5. I love the way you think. that's great! I like the timer idea but I don't know how to make it. I would be able to make one where it stayed on as long as a kid held in the button.

  6. that would work fine... it would be a wordless lesson to the kid about cause & effect...

    push button, Mr. Eggwok spins around...

    take finger off button, he slows to a stop.

    any hardware store would be happy to sell you a four dollar timer and wok you through the wiring process.

  7. Delicious!!

    Well done sir!

    About the display suggestion....a really great idea!

    How many total hours did that take?

    I think the next step is a life size one, and then you just have to look into getting toys made of this to sell at the store.

    So great!

  8. u da bomb! it is so perfect, you are truly a master!

  9. Willy, Thanks! I'd say it took about 8 - 10 hours (I think.) I need to start paying attention better. I watched dvds while I worked on it and lost track of time.

    I'm not sure how big a life-sized guy would be. If he's an Earthly eggroll, he's already bigger than life size. The owner did talk about a big one to put on the top of the restaurant. A costume may be coming in the future too.

    Brad thanks! Have a happy day, sir

  10. I want one. Make many more. Sell them. I know this is unrealistic. But I still want one. -- Mykal


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