Monday, March 15, 2010


Today I paint the eggroll guy I made in the previous posts. I painted his body brown 1st. It took a little bit of mixing to get the same color as in the drawing but I eventually matched it.

I'm glad I didn't run out in mid-painting. I don't think I'd have ever matched the 1st batch again exactly. To make the crevasses stand out more I mixed a darker more watery brown and put it in all the cracks, like in the fold lines and under his cheeks. (insert "cracks, cheeks, dark brown" joke here.)

Here are his arms and guitar. I didn't paint the ends of the arms so the glue would hold better. Same with the pin on the back of the guitar. It may not make a big difference but I don't want the paint to make a barrier which stops glue from reaching the wood. If there are any glue expert guys out there feel free to tell me I'm nuts. I'm curious about it.

He's painted with flat acrylic paints. I used the same paints I use to do canvas paintings: 44 cent Apple Barrel brand from Walmart. I always wonder if they have the endurance of the more expensive brands, but I have paintings I made over a decade ago and they don't show any signs of fading or failing. Also they are nontoxic. Supposedly the expensive brands cause cancer if you get them under your fingernails. If you are interested in this click HERE.

I'm gonna glue his arms in and give him a clear coat and tomorrow he'll be finished.


  1. The quick brown crack jumped over the lazy cheek.

    I don't think yer nuts about the glue; the wood will definitely absorb sticky molecules better & create a more sturdy bond without the additional barrier of paint ;~j

  2. He looks so good!
    It's a shame he's gonna end up in somebody's stomach, sizzling in a simmering sauce of stomachy acids and enzymes!

  3. Lysdexicuss, ha ha! thanks for jumping on that cheek comment! Thanks for the input on the glue. it's comforting to learn i'm not the only one who thinks it.

    Apocolyte, ha ha! if someone can completely eat and swallow that eggroll i will buy them 2 more real eggrolls as payment!


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