Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Is there anything more naturally humorous than digits and coding?!

You might think I'm being lazy with the coloring, but I... uh... eh, you're right. Sometimes when I read a comic with tons of ink work and lots of coloring I don't enjoy it.

If it looks like the illustrator spent hours on a page I feel guilty if I don't in turn look at it for that many hours. I like thinking the gag was still funny and enjoyable to the illustrator by the time the drawing was finished, and not a hated and despised thing.

If I see a comic nowadays with the airbrushed shading I unintentionally take that into consideration while I try to read the story and it slows down the action.

This depends on the genre of the comic for me. If it's a scary story then I do like seeing the heavy tooling and long hours of work. That maybe even adds to the scariness and creepiness when I know the illustrator's fingers, eyes and neck where in pain by the time the page was finished.

There. I rambled again. I haven't rambled for a few days.


  1. no no no~! that 'RETRO' look, all early-60's pastel POP is way cool~! and, if you take dic-* (strike that...) If you TRANSCRIBE values from off of my computer screen: COOL > LAZY ~!

  2. Yay!
    Great cartoon, and so educational!

  3. LMAO! I started laughing right away, always a good sign for a comic. Your expressions are so spot on hilarious i really dig the characters.
    MAD Magazine is waiting for YOU!

  4. oh and i totally agree with the color, i love spot color like this!

  5. Hey... I suggested Mad mag for you months ago!! Do it!!!

    Love the drawings, palette is perfect...funny stuff, as always.

  6. Lysdexicuss, ha ha!thankS!

    Apocolyte, educational? ha ha!

    Brad, thanks! you made my day more happy

    Willy, I am working up the nerve to do it.

    Thanks everyone for the compliments and encouragement


  7. HI KW

    See....here is the thing about working up nerve.

    Working up nerve eats away time, which erodes the years. Before you know it a decade has gone by.

    I am a harsh critic so when I tell you that you have it, please believe me. I don't say this to everyone.

    You have the perfect storm of talent..you can draw AND write.

    It's the old fear of failure routine, maybe? Again how would your life change if you had success at Mad, or maybe did not have success.

    Both possiblitities make you a winner. If they like you, well that's great.

    If they reject you, it seems to me you have a pretty cool life right now. So it's a win/win.

    And besides....many good artists face rejection every day, it's just the way it goes.

    So, throw together a small collection of your best stuff, {I'd say 10 pieces tops}, and just do it!

    And don't give up. Keep sending them stuff. Just be sure you do some research and know their procedures for submitting.

    I speak from experience sir.

    Do it!!!

  8. willy is right keith, anyway if you wait too long Mad Magazine might not be around anymore! it already went to quarterly about a year ago.....time is tickin'

  9. Kw: Loved the panel the "smak" and Imbicile! Just visually funny. Plus, is there a funnier word in the english language that Imbicile?

    I think the rule is, the more lines and color a page has - the less funny it can be. Lines and color make our mind think "drama." Funny (with regard to number of lines) is very basic and simple, yet very hard. Sheldon Mayer & Walt Kelly = Funny. Bernie Wrightson and Graham Ingles = not funny (but great, of course).

    Oh, yeah. I agree with Brad and Willy. Screw your "working up nerve." send stuff out. Your stuff's good. -- Mykal

  10. Willy, you are exactly right. I need to give it a try or i'll hate myself when i get old. thanks for taking the time to encourage me. it means a lot.

    Brad, you are right too. I tried to buy a Mad magazine and i can't find one anywhere.

    Mykal, it is a funny word. I like "dolt" too. I will try and use it in something. Thanks for all the kindness.

    Thanks guys for the comments, they are mucho appreciated!


  11. I agree with Willy and Brad, you are a talented fellow with a gift for making people laugh! Twisted and hilarious! MAD magazine would be lucky to have you! Maybe you should publish your OWN version of MAD! I bet these good folks and your readers and fans would buy it!
    Awesome cartoon!

  12. MAD is just SAD these days. It's a shadow of it's former self, and really needs an injection of creativity.

    Do it!!



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