Thursday, March 18, 2010


Here are some random pictures of our trip to the St Louis Gateway Arch. Under the Arch is a museum you can visit for free (once you've paid for your Arch tickets.)

Here's Mei in front of a little statue of the Arch. It shows the assembly of the last piece.

Here are 2 lifeless statues.
This is in the top of the Arch. We used the Panorama feature on our camera to make this. 1st she took my picture then I took her and the wall and the camera stitched them together. If it's not exactly straight weird things will happen, like how my arm is sort of missing.

Couldn't they have done something about this?

This is the panorama feature again standing under the Arch.

Another shot of me with part of my body missing.

This is what you see when you look out the window. There. Now you don't need to go.

And the other side. Those are the legs of the Arch on the sides.

Mei taking a break.

I like this one. It looks like instead of the Arch going up and coming back down, it goes up and out into space.

This is not a toilet. This is the little science fiction style transportation car which takes you up and down. It feels like something from a sci-fi movie out of the 70s. If you suffer from claustrophobia it may not be for you. There's a little window so you can see yourself moving up to the top. It looked like a set of stairs followed us all the way to the top. I'd hate to walk it.


  1. Cool post Keith. Great to see you and Mei in these posts, otherwise they wouldn't be half as interesting.
    Had to lol at your captioning...especially "here are two lifeless statues" :)

  2. keith i lived in st louis for a short time and i went to the arch. i honestly dont remember a thing about it, so thanks for the reminder! cool pics!

  3. R/E thanks! hope your day is happy!

    Brad, We live a few hours away and I've always meant to visit it but never got around to it until now. Once when we were little my family and my cousin's family went there. It seems like it was more popular in the 70s. there was a huge line to get in. We waited in line for about 30 minutes. When we were finally close enough to touch it my mom said, "We're leaving because you kids are fighting!"

    We weren't fighting! We figured she just got cold feet when she saw the size of it up close and used us as an excuse.

  4. Hey. Miles just dunked Gordon, the gerbil, in Fred's bowl. Fred is the betta fish. I hope he survives. Already my kid is giving swirlies....

  5. Yes, there are definitely stairs in the arch. When I was a kid I was fascinated with tall buildings and had a book about the arch, and I remember them mentioning how many steps it was to the top (I forget the amount now in my old age). I think they're just for the maintenance people though. I don't think they let the public climb them.

  6. Cool photos!
    Look out, there's a big bear behind ye!

    The arch is a freaky structure...I remember riding up those same little tiny capsule elevators waaaay back when the arch was brand new...

    Nice cow butt...make a 'tooter'!

  7. M&M's M, Ha Ha! You ought to be getting video footage all hours of the day. I feel like I'm missing out on this stuff!

    Bob, I can't imagine how long it would take to climb those stairs. It was also spooky and dusty and dark in there.

    Apocolyte, Ha Ha! I didn't even think about the tooter potential. I'm slipping in my old age.


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