Friday, August 27, 2010


BREAKING NEWS! This just in. Here is a very rare and impossible-to-find Beatles track from 1963. It's an early outtake of their classic song "This Boy." Although you heard it here first, you probably won't thank me. Remember though, I'm just the messenger. Do not hate me for being the bearer of bad news.


  1. cuuuute, i needed a good ol' LOL! i especially loved the part where...well, i won't spoil it!

  2. Hmmm. You tread on dangerous ground, my friend. Slowing down the vocal track to a Beatles song is nothing but sacrilege! Remember my aryan, killer brother introduced when you besmirched the Wizard of Oz? He's on his way. Nothing can stop him.

  3. Prof - Glad to know you got a laugh out of it, thanks sir

    M&M's M - They oughta be ashamed!

    Mykal - Gulp! and Yikes! Don't tell him about this!

  4. KW: No worries buddy. I spoke to my bro, and his Beatles fixation is not as critical as his Wizard devotion. Your bootleg remix caused only a deep rumble of discontent without lighting that weird, cobalt light in his pupils (which normally means clear the bar immediately unless someone has a tranquilizer gun handy).

  5. Oh my! I like a Beatles song for first time.
    Guess it was high time that occurs to me sooner or later.

  6. Without Pete Best to pick up the tempo, what'ja expect guys??

  7. Mykal! Shoo! thanks!

    Karswell - he he!

    Gabriel - I guess they eventually grow on everybody

    R/E - you are right! I bet that never would have happened if HE were overseeing things


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