Thursday, August 26, 2010


These are old drawings. I don't think I've posted them before. If you did see them, sorry you had to see them again. The 1st one is based on an actual person I saw here in Evansville Indiana. If you are from Evansville and you look like this guy, what I meant to say was it's based on a guy I saw in Kentucky.

These were drawn in black ink first, and then white pencil highlights were added.

Pig with ribbed teeth.


  1. I think I met that rib-toothed pig~ in Kentucky~!

    What I really love about ALL of your white-pencil illustrations, is that alot of forethought has to go into creating the shadowed areas (negative space that becomes positive). You are thereby utilizing that Bizarro portion of your brain~!

  2. Lovely dimension..great line work all around...and just funny....they both made my smile, smile!

  3. Pig With Ribbed Teeth is fantastic! One of my favorite drawings from you!

  4. I agree with Mykal about the of your best; would make a great logo for a Bar-b-Q joint (one with a sense o' humor)

  5. Lysdexicuss - Thanks for the kind words, sir! "I met a rib-toothed pig in Kentucky" sounds like a song title.

    Willy - That makes my day more happy, thanks!

    Mykal - Cool! Thanks for the compliment! Woohoo!

    R/E - For a B-B-Q logo maybe he should be gnawing on some pork!

  6. These are really nice! At first glance I thought the first guy was R. Crumb. Is that Canson paper?

  7. Mike, thanks! I'm not sure what kind of paper it is. I got it from Dick Blick. It's smooth on one side and textured on the other, and maybe a little thicker than construction paper. It came in a poster size and I cut it down.


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