Monday, August 30, 2010


Here's an anniversary card I made for my parents several years ago. I'm including a high res JPG version so you can make your own if you wish. It's guaranteed to stir up feelings of love to all who receive it. Try it! Give one to your wife! Be prepared to see her cry joyous tears!

First you need to put a horizontal fold across the middle (the drawings should face outward), and then put a vertical fold in the middle of that to create a card format.

You'll need to take care in positioning the ringed fingers on the cover so they align properly with the handcuffed arms on the inside. Then you'll need to cut 2 holes so the handcuffs show through and double as wedding rings. If you look closely you'll see faint circular patterns where the holes should be cut.

Here it is in action:


  1. What a HOOT!!!! Absolute genius (not that I'd give it to my wife mind you... she still prepares my meals, if you gather my drift).
    Mike Adair should contact Hallmark Cards for you on this one Keith, they'd be smart buying it from you... you could make millions ....
    of pennies (corporate greed and all that)

  2. My Printer works fine- but- somehow I manage to screw this thing up whenever I fold it...

    When I finish- handcuffs are only on the wife and the husband's behind her with his pants dropped on the floor ;~j

  3. Keith, On an unrelated (kinda) matter: I am awarding you (it's like one of these Cyber Chain Awards; but still cool cause it's a Zombie Rabbit - - and your blog fits the profile :) IMHO) the ZOBMIE RABBIT AWARD. It was given to tROAD today by Alex Cavanaugh. I wanted you to get it too since you're blog is such an ispiration to tROAD.
    your pal,
    r/e p.s. Check out my blog for the picture. I guess you've now got to pass it on (if you accept; you don't have to) like the plague to someone else. :)

  4. KW: What a touching card! It had me going for the tissues. Did mom and dad love it?

  5. Thanks guys!
    I don't know if my parents liked it or not. They said "Mm. Pretty. Thanks." or something like that.

    I didn't know about the Zombie Rabbit Award until now but I gladly accept it, thanks!

    If Hallmark calls the answer is yes


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