Monday, August 23, 2010


I was digging through old note books and found this sketch. I remember I wanted to name him Visitor Kane. He was supposed to be from another planet and he had a belt with little electronic gizmos all over it. He lived in a light house and no one ever saw his real face. I don't know if was supposed to be a hero or a villain.

His name came from a misheard lyric in a Jimi Hendrix song. One of his songs is called "1983 - A Merman I Should Turn to Be." It tells a story sci-fi story about the Earth's surface being destroyed by UFOs and everyone hopping into submarines and living under the sea.

I thought in one part he was singing "Visitor Kane" and thought that was great name. It conjured up this character in my imagination. Later I found out he was singing "Grace of the King" and I just didn't listen well enough. Either that or Jimi needs to enunciate a little better.


  1. Very nice Keith... the whole pic. I love Kane's elongated neck; I like the rocky base of the lighthouse. This has got a cool Doctor Who (Terror of Fang Rock) and Monter of Piedras Blancas vibe/feel to it. Kudos

  2. Awesome. Just a great concept and so full of potential.

  3. Like 'Citizen Kane' meets 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' ! Awesome~!

    Bruce Springsteen sings 'Tram, Slap, Gust~ baby I was born to run' right ?

    we both need spuds removed from our ear canals~!

  4. R/E, Mykal and Lysdexicuss
    Thanks sirs! Tram Slap Gust!


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