Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Here's the 3rd installment of Dr. Blotz: Science Expert, and Brisbane. It's a 2-pager. You can see the previous two comics by clicking HERE.

This is how I usually make my comics these days. I like drawing all the pieces how ever I can squeeze them onto a page. Then on the computer I can chop them out and arrange them. I add the words and panel boxes on the computer too, because it looks better. If you look closely you might see little differences in the finished version above.

Some of the poses, like the slapping and the face-to-face-talk were borrowed from the previous comics. Is that cheating? I didn't want to redraw those same poses. Also maybe it helps keep the characters looking consistent. See? It's good to cheat. I used the same cliff drawing in each panel. Sometimes I flipped it to give it some variety.

I drew the wind lines on the computer instead of trying to do them with a pen and a ruler. Seems like every time I do that the ink smears. Also I wanted the lines to taper.


  1. Do you want to know what's the practical use for calculus?
    To make good cartoning! You know it damn well--

  2. Ha ha! I guess my high school algebra class actually did come in handy after all!

  3. David Caruso: "Looks like somebody's..."

    (puts on sunglasses)

    " core samples on the brain!"


    (If you've never seen CSI Miami you won't understand a word of that)

  4. Keith,
    thanks for giving us a "behind the scenes" look at how you draw the characters, poses, gags on a large piece AND then cut em up and re-arrange them. Interesting.
    I know I'm supposed to probably like the Blotzian algebra-equation gags the best, but... I like it when he smacks Brisbane the best (what that says about me)

  5. Bob, Ha! Yes I do have core samples on the brain and that's exactly where that came from. I figured you'd notice that.

    R/E, Thanks for the kind words. I guess I like seeing the slap too. Don't feel guilty about your love of noggin-konks. If I do more of these comics I'll try to include a slap. It'll be the running joke for these guys.

  6. It's never cheating to reference your own work...especially when it is this good.

  7. Thanks Willy for the confirmation about self-plagiarism! Woohoo!


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