Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Episode #8 of the dastardly Blood Count. Check out the old ones by clicking HERE.

It took me forever to think up a garlic-related comic for some reason. I've been trying to come up with one ever since the 1st comic. I kept trying to think of a way for the Blood Count to accidentally eat some Italian food himself, but nothing seemed plausible. Yesterday I realized it wouldn't necessarily have to be him who eats it.


  1. Wait to eat some mediterranean meal someday... There's no vamps wandering around my country! Word of honor! my breath could kill ya'--

  2. MAD would love this stuff!!!

    And I do as well.

  3. The way the Count has to momentarily stop, think, and look at the restaurant sign ( light bulb goes on) is priceless!!!!! Great gag.
    I also love the way in panel one he's lurking, with his Vamp schnoz hanging over the shrubery. :)

  4. Gabriel, Willy and R/E,
    Thanks guys for the kind words. That makes my day more happy. Gabriel, I ate at a Mediterranean restaurant a couple times here and it's delicious!


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