Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This is based on an actual dream I had recently.


  1. KW: Awesome! Next, I want to go on the "Break Your Ankle In A Fall" ride!

    One can only wonder what Freud might have made of your dream! (imagine a German accent) My friend, you are one troubled puppy! ;-)

  2. Mykal,
    Ha ha! Thanks! There could be an entire run of these comics.

    The Paint a wall Ride
    The Catch an arrow with your teeth Ride
    The Eat metal shavings Ride
    The Be dragged by your feet with your teeth raking the concrete Ride
    The Watch out for that pipe Ride
    The Take a barefoot jog on a table sander Ride
    The Dog poop Ride

    The last panels of each of these comics would end with the same type of frame as in the comic above.

  3. Absolutely ingenious! This kind of humor needs a larger forum my friend.
    Quit your day job and expand the KW Humor Empire (yeah, I know, it's like Steve Martin's advice on how to "get a Million Dollars" Step 1: Get a million dollars, okay,now step 2....

  4. R/E Thanks friend! If you ask the right people maybe it is that easy to get $1,000,000. I'm gonna ask Steve Martin.

  5. A great idea for oh, I don't know..maybe MAD!?!?!?

  6. Hey, I love the masochistic theme park idea. Welcome to "Self-Deprication Land" You may have a winner here but I suspect that the foundation of your humour would lead Freud to say that you secretly fear success.

  7. Haw haw! I think you're right.


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