Monday, November 2, 2009


Here in my city we used to have a thing called Ohio River Arts Festival where painters, carvers, musicians, etc could set up booths and pretty big crowds would come to see. I was 18 or 19 here in this picture. I'm not sure why they quit having these shows; they seemed to be really popular. I remember a lot of people asking how I would go about carving a chicken. I was being serious when I said "cut off everything that's not a chicken" but I later learned that's a joke answer carvers like to say. I was being completely sincere when I said it.

This was an advertisement to draw businesses into the city. I was about 20 in this picture. Some people have commented on my luxurious eyebrows during this time period. Nice huh? I still have thick eyebrows but now they aren't as noticeable due to the graying factor.

This photo shows my sweet wife Mei with the current fatter, balder, grumpier and sloppier me.


  1. great pics! i share the same curse: fatter, balder, sloppier, and grumpier.

  2. HA HA! We should maybe start up Club-FBSG

  3. Keith: Time's a bitch, aint she? I'm not sure I'm totally happy with the "fatter, grumpier" me. I'd like to take a shot at 18 again, do it right this time.

    You have a lovely wife - good on you, dude! -- Mykal

  4. nice pictures. you are funny. have a good week!

  5. Thanks Mykal! Yes we should try 18 again. Now that we know what we know, I wonder if we'd be better or worse. He he!

    If I had a time machine I'd go back and tell myself not to worry about History class. It didn't help me later in life. Neither did gym.

    The only things that actually helped were math and driver's ed. Other than that, I'd say "Past-Keith, don't waste your time. Go do something fun."

  6. Karen Thanks! you have a good week too

  7. Keith,
    Those pics of you carving the wood are so cool. I am just in awe of anybody that has the skill and artistry to work in wood!! What's the official name of the rounded, drumstick looking thingie that you use as a hammer to pound on the chisel?

  8. R-E
    Thanks for the kind words. Although around my house that's called the wife-konker, it's official name is mallet. (i don't actually konk people with it)

    Have a happy day!

  9. in that first picture, you look like you're drooling. drooling is a sign of madness in later life. no wonder you've got a tendency toward evil.

  10. ha ha! more than one person's told me it looked like i was drooling. sadly it might just be a button on my jacket, but I prefer your madness theory


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