Thursday, November 26, 2009


Now that Christmas is coming you will probably be able to buy those Rankin-Bass abominable snowman figures for $1. I am talking about the kind that grow 600% in water. You know those things!

Step one:
Go get one

Step two:
Put it in a bottle with a lid

Step three:
Make an 'abominable fetus' label for the front of the bottle

Step four:
Wrap it up and give it to someone you love


  1. Sweet! great idea! where do you get those things? do they have them at target or something?

  2. The snowman came from Michaels craft store but I've seen them at Walmart too. This was purchased last year though. I'm betting they will sell them again this year.

    The glass bottle is from a fruit drink I got at the gas station. The brand on the cap says "Element."

  3. Oh sure you make it sound so easy. Where the hell am I going to get labels?

    Now I got ASM fetuses and nothing to label them with. Thanks alot!

    - Curt Moreno -

  4. ha ha! But you can go to any store like Walmart and buy tons of abominable fetus labels! They're everywhere!


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