Friday, November 13, 2009


IMMEDIATELY watch this video before you do any other thing in your life! If you've already seen it, then you know what I'm talking about. You know never again will you experience another thing so profoundly stunning during the rest of your days here on Earth. If you haven't seen it yet - You're welcome. I feel like I'm about to become an important figure in your life for being the one who introduced it to you.

Also, be sure to watch it all the way through for as hard as it is to believe, the freaking-out intensifies as it goes.

I honestly think there's nothing else this planet could possibly offer to top this. Upon witnessing things like this, old classic cartoon characters would often say "Now I'va seena everteeng!" and then pull out guns and shoot themselves in the heads.

This scene comes from a movie called "Ellam Inba Mayam" made in 1981. The song is "Solla Solla Enna Perumai."


  1. Ah, Bollywood. Is there any movie you can't cram a song and dance number into, whether it needs one or not?

    My favorite has always been "Jan Pehechann Ho" from the 1965 movie "Gumnaam." Love that hot head-shakin'Indian girl.Check it out at:

  2. Eegah, Tabonga and Bob, Thanks! I like that mask girl song too.

  3. haha this great! i am with bob though my favorite is Jan Pehechann Ho, this is a close second!

  4. Now this is why the world-famous KW MONSTERS BLOG OF EVIL is a daily must-stop for every sentient being on mudball-3. Keith, your sense of humor is my kind of weird. best,

  5. KW: I am a changed man. I will have to approach life itself in a different way after seeing this short piece of film.

    I seriously want that girl in a lime dress. -- Mykal

  6. Thanks everybody for stopping by. I am glad to know I've changed lives.

  7. Thanks, now I'll have that song in my head all day...
    How many takes did it take to get that awesome shot of him jumping up backwards? Atheletic, talented and good looking! That is the look, where do you buy yellow cowboy boots?

    what was benny hill doing there smoking?

    green dress yessss

  8. Ha ha! Yes, that dude is awesome. I bet he's just that good, and got it in one take. just look at him! how could he be anything but awesome?

    my cousin asked why there was a picture of Snow White on the wall. I didn't know.

  9. At 2:11 i burst out laughing..until then it was huge smile time in Charlottetown.

    Bollywood be thy name!!

    This is why i like stopping by here on my way to Slumberville.

    A sort of food for thought, mid-night snack sort of deal.

    Thanks a pile of heaps for posting this gem KS!!

  10. He he! Yes, that little chicken dance is the awesomest! I like to think about other movies coming out at the same time as this one. There's not really any excuse for this. At 1st I chalked it up to being old and dated, but in the same year Chariots of Fire, On Golden Pond and Raiders of the Lost Ark were coming out.

  11. Keith Keith Keith! That is truly a masterpiece of freakish insanity, I love it! I want to forward this to my list. At some point down the road I will be putting a tv/dvd player in The Never Never Van, this will be on the playlist for passerbys to witmes. ha ha ha!

  12. Ha ha! you will surely cause accidents on the road, but it will be worth it!

  13. I recommend this as being even more awe-inspiring:

    It's not Bollywood but it's still awesome.

  14. Mad Martian,
    GASP! i'm gonna have to wash my eyeballs off with rubbing alcohol after that. then I need to scoop them out with spoons and have somebody stomp them for me. what did that lead dancer die of? my guess is makeup poisoning. Even though that was pure evil to trick me into watching it, thanks for the link!

  15. Bravo! That was one of the best Bollywood music pieces I've ever seen. It's got a grunginess that I really like. I'm surprised that it's the 80's because it looks like it came from a late sixties exploitation film.
    What might make it a little better, is if that guy who translates stuff into what he thinks it sounds like in English were to get his hands on this.

  16. HA! I know who you're talking about. I like that song too.


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