Thursday, November 5, 2009


If you look in novelty catalogs like Archie McPhee you already know what this is. If not, it's a Bibo clock. Bibo is a weird little elf guy who has problems. I want to like him but since he wakes me up in the morning I hate his guts.

When the alarm goes off, he chants out non-English weirdness and the light in his forehead blinks. I thought since he was made in Japan he was speaking Japanese, but I played it for a lady who speaks Japanese and she couldn't make heads or tails out of his jibber-jabber. You can see him in action on Youtube.

Side view. If you think that looks like his butt is sticking out...

...You would be right! What's the deal with that?! If you were an elf and you were going to wear an outfit, wouldn't the butt be the ONLY thing you'd really need to cover in the back? Why even bother? It would be like having shoes with no soles.
There. Now I'm not the only one who had to look at it.


  1. Man Keith,
    I'd have nightmares with this guy standing on my end table watching me while I sleep (or rather, while I stayed awake in the dark...watching back)

  2. David - WOW! Thanks for that link! I never I showed my wife who speaks Chinese and she told me the rough idea of the story:

    She says Bibo is like an alien from another world. she says originally Bibo was mischievous and sinister, but after being exposed to the goodness of humanity he became nice.

    Goodness of humanity?! HA!

    R/E - You are so right. He sits there waiting for me to shut my eyes. He waits until I am most comfortable and in my deepest sleep, and then he strikes.

  3. So the time setting stem is conveniently sticking out of his butt. That must be so that when you set the time it looks like you're twisting something in there.

    I thought this thing got broken? Did you fix it or is this a new one?

  4. Yes, he exploded into a thousand pieces in some luggage but he got fixed. Kevin helped me do surgery on him.

  5. KW, did you notice he has his genitals sticking out of the top of his forehead? Ah, Japanese culture!

  6. truly bizarre! give me the willies!

  7. ha ha! i didn't get that BRADS joke until I saw Brad's comment up there. ha ha!

  8. This thing has haunted my nightmares for years. I found one at a garage sale but didn't buy it :(I finally know what it is!

  9. You should'a bought it! There's an older version than this one and it's worth some moola now.

  10. I have a Bibo in perfect working order. Please buy it so i won't be afraid anymore.

    1. DIY you still have the Bibo alarm clock!?! And it's for sale!?! Very interest!!! You can email me at


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