Wednesday, November 11, 2009


When you think about it there are cross shapes on just about everything, even evil stuff. If you were a vampire I don't believe you'd be as bold or as cool as the movies make vampires out to be. I bet you'd more likely hide in your apartment all day with the lights out, and get the jitters every time you heard a bump.


  1. Keith: Love how the nostrils and eyes are on one side of profile - very cool. -- Mykal.

    Oh, yeah. This one was funny, too. I think you are onto something! -- Mykal

  2. SYNDICATION Keith!!!! Get yourself some moolah for your hard work and ingenious way of dispensing with our Blood Count every strip. I love the way the guy watering the flowers is just wearing bermuda shorts... like in real life in the summertime.
    Or, querry MAD magazine...your stuff is that good!

  3. thanks Mykal and R/E,

    You guys encourage me to keep going. thanks! I wouldn't say no to syndication!

  4. i am being completely honest when i tell you that this is the ONLY comic strip that has actually made me LOL, and i have read alot of comics. what are your plans with this?

  5. Anima-Base, thanks for the visit and the kind comment, and thanks for following!

    Brad, Thanks friend! Typically I never have plans for futures of projects. Sometimes If I get a descent amount of strips built up I'm able to collect them into something for production. I do appreciate you're encouragement!

  6. K. I was thinking that this is MAD quality as well.

    The truth of the matter s that it is better than most of the stuff in Mad these days!!

    Do it!! Life is short!!

  7. Thanks Willy! Maybe I will try to send them a link to it. I guess the worst that could happen is they say it sucks and destroy all my confidence, and then I kill myself.


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