Sunday, November 22, 2009


A friend of mine owns a resin casting company and he cast some of my tiki carvings. I have several for sale now. I can sell them unpainted as customizable masks. They are fairly heavy and I'm not sure how much the shipping will be.

The little white pieces are optional bones to go in the nose of the larger tikis. I guess they'd work in the small ones too for that matter. The bones come in 2 halves so a hole can be drilled in each nostril and the bone can be glued in. Ideally the holes should aim at each other so the bone halves look like one continuous piece. Maybe the best thing to do would be to drill a single hole all the way through.

Size comparison next to a wiener dog.


  1. Keith,
    How much ($$) for the wiener dog, including p&h??

  2. Keith: Awesome. How much for one of the small ones (masks not weiner dog) painted? -- Mykal

  3. Dude, those faces are kick@ss!
    If I ever get any money, I am buying those!

    Is there anything you can't do?

  4. wow these are great! lets see one painted up keith style!

    pretty nice your friend owns a resin casting company!

  5. Impressive!

    But what really impresses me is the scope and prolific nature of your work.

    The other night i could not sleep, so i spent a good hour or so diving deep into your older posts.

    The sheer volume of your work coupled with the great design ethic was kind of overwhelming.

    Then i saw the guitars!! So beautiful. Stunning, really.

    Every post seemed to be as good or better than the previous one.

    I have a friend who calls me a machine for the amount of stuff i post
    but you sir take the fact you take the whole damn bakery!!

    Call me a fan....who needs to work harder!!

  6. R/E - HA! I can't sell my daughter! Sometimes the little surprises on the carpet tempt me.

    Mykal, I need to figure out the shipping details before I can work up a fair price. I will keep you updated. thanks for the interest!

    Thanks! If you get some money, I can help think of things for you to spend it on. I'm a good pal like that!

    Brad, It IS lucky to know a resin guy! He and I were talking about some resin action figures and mechanical toys.

    Willy! Thanks friend! You make my day more happy. Thanks for the kind words. Coming from you that means a lot!

  7. Your blog is a great surprise, it´s great!!
    Thank for you comment in my blog... and, please, do you want to draw a Mortadelo for the gallery of Mortadelon´s blog? Thanks!


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