Sunday, November 8, 2009


Here's the 1st comic strip (of 2 completed so far) featuring a new character called Blood Count. (Get it? Wakka wakka!) My goal will be for him to die at the end of each comic strip, but I'm open to the idea of him living as long as he's miserable.

I couldn't decide whether to call him Blood Count or Vlad the Imp. I liked both equally. The only reason I went with "Blood Count" was so the next comic strip (coming Tomorrow) would work. Below is the exact same comic strip with a different title.


  1. I like Vlad the Imp and I also like him turning to a poof of dust at end of every strip. I think that could be very funny. -- Mykal

  2. Though it pains me to (ever) have to disagree with Mykal, I gotta go with Blood Count as the better of the two names. And the art is FANTASTIC... it's got that DePatie/Freleng (I'm spelling it all wrong, you know the company that did the Pink Panther cartoons and the Inspector) look going - - ONLY BETTER, and with your own original style. You are the man Keith!
    your fan,

  3. HAHAHA!! I laughed so hard one of my kidneys flew out of my nose! I do prefer Blood Count, although both names are uber-clever! Fan-frikkin-tastic! I love the way each panel progresses and the unchanging expression on the 'victim'! HA!!

  4. LOL i dont care what you call it. i'll call it funny!!!

  5. Thanks guys! I appreciate the input and name votes. R/E Thanks! I love those Pink Panther designs. Apocolyte it's nice to know that kidney incident can only happen once in a fella's life. HAHA!


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