Monday, November 9, 2009


Here's number 2. I added gray to this one to separate some things. It looked cleaner and easier to decipher than having a black table. I know the obvious solution would be to do it in color, but I like black and white comics sometimes.
Click to enlarge.

I don't know if it's true or not, but I read left-handed people prefer to work in black and white rather than color. I don't remember all the science behind it but at the time I read it, it seemed like they did some thorough research. I'm left handed and I can say I do enjoy black and white, but I don't know if it's my favorite.


  1. I know a few leftys where that is true. In fact some of my faves are leftys.

    Have you ever visited my second blog?

  2. LMAO!!!!!!!!!! HILARIOUS!!!!
    this is flippin awesome!

    im a lefty and i prefer to create in black and white but i prefer to look at color....except of course this comic which has the perfect BW feel to it. i dont think it would have the same feel in color.

  3. Thanks friends

    Willy, I didn't see your other blog, not yet - i'll go there. thanks!

    Thanks Mykal!

    Brad, I'm with you. Black and White is more fun to do, but color is more fun to see.

  4. Keith, this is not only a frickin fantabulous strip/concept, this is SYNDICATE WORTHY providing you can come up with whatever kind of back stock they'd require (I don't know what that would be; several months to a year's worth?)... just awesome

    I too am a lefty but have no preference for b&w to color.

  5. Thanks R/E!

    That would be a dream job to make dailies. I wonder How many vampire jokes I have in me. I guess they wouldn't necessarilly need to be vampire-related as long as they were creepy or monster-y.

    Glad to learn you too are a member of the Brotherhood of the L. We must build a secret army.

  6. Awesome Count strips, Keith! Yayy!!!


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