Monday, November 16, 2009


It's the 1st time nobody dies at the end. It also debuts the Count's horde of vampire women.


  1. Ha!!I can't stop snickering!! I love the tongue hanging out of her mouth when he bites her! your 50's/60's style of minimalist cartooning, character design and such is great - simplified to bare essentials but detailed enough to look really sharp - and your finished product is very clean.
    BTW, do you use a wacom pad to draw into photoshop ? Do you import sketches and designs and tweak 'em on the PC/mac? Do you prefer digital art to hands on art? here's a shiny nickel for each question you answer...

  2. another great one! lets see how about one involving garlic?....

  3. KW: I'm liking this female vampire horde a great deal. More of them, please. So many places to go with this character. Children of the night . . . . Wolfesbane . . . You go, dude! -- Mykal

  4. Seriously ...sell the ass off this puppy!!

    Love it!!

  5. Apocolyte, Thanks for the kind words! I draw these with a Pitt brush pen and scan it. The grays were added digitally. I have a Wacom but for the life of me I can't get the thing to work.

    Brad, Thanks! I've been trying to think of a garlic joke. Maybe involving an Italian restaurant?

    Mykal, Thanks for liking the vampire women horde! I'll try to come up with some more involving them.

    Willy! Thanks! I appreciate your encouragement! I need more people like you to push me.

  6. okay i am in love.....ur s&%$ is fabulous...ever think etsy?

  7. Your stuff is always great, Keith! Very funny!

  8. Rainbow Fabrics, Thanks for the visit and the kind words! I do think about Etsy. I need to get off my pigu and get busy.

    Matt, thanks friend! Your compliments mean a lot to me.


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