Thursday, May 19, 2011

CIGAR BOX GUITAR - Part 10 of 10

The final day of my Cigar Box Guitar Project:

At the last minute I decided I wanted the strings lower so I sanded some off the bottom of the bridge. Then the tail piece was taller than the bridge, so I had to cut some grooves to set the strings down lower. It was still close so I also put 6 screw-eyes in between to pull the strings down behind the bridge.

This is what it looked like before the screw-eyes were put in. I only uploaded this picture because Lucy was in it.

This is the actual final version.

The sound is sort of banjo-ish. It's very loud too, which surprised me. I figured the size of the box was proportionate to the volume, but I guess other things also affect the volume, like the kind of wood, and how thick it is, and where things are located on the top surface.

It's pretty nifty to have a tiny guitar I can easily tuck out of the way. It's small enough I can just leave it on the couch and it doesn't use up a spot. I've been just leaving it on the couch and so far Mei hasn't asked me to move it.

In addition to looking fancy I think the paper labels act a little bit like veneer as far as aiding in the prevention of expansion and contraction of the wood during temperature changes.

Here's what the Big Wolf sounds like unplugged. I don't have an electrified Wolf video because the amp is in a room too messy to film.

The only downside to having a tiny guitar is the tininess. Depending on the day, sometimes it's awkward to hold onto. It's fun though because it's so quick and handy.


  1. It looks and sounds great. Is there any way to put a guitar strap on it to make it easier to hold?

  2. Jeeves, thanks! Sure I could put a strap on it. That might not be a bad idea.

  3. That thing is badass with a MONSTER sound ! Can't wait to hear some Big Wolf howling to accompany that puppy (and Lucy too) !

  4. Lucy!!

    The Big Wolf sounds like the old National Steel guitars that Johnny Winter loved so much when recording rural Delta blues. That baby would make a killer slide sound.

  5. DANGIT! I didn't see the post was up with video until I got to work. I look forward to getting home where the IT Nazis don't have me blocked and checking it out!

    The shot of Lucy and the cigar box guitar would make a great album cover, too.

  6. Very cool ... I'm surprised at how low and deep it sounds for such a small size. I was thinking it would sound like a ukulele. Looks and sounds great!

  7. Now THAT girl got some character already...right outen da gate!! Well worth the wait...but I wanna hear MORE!

  8. I'll take two please! It doesn't come much cooler than this! KILLER!!

  9. Thanks everybody! Sorry for the delayed response

  10. Hey, is the BIG WOLF hard to tune?

  11. Willy, it's about the same as tuning a regular guitar. It took me about a minute using an electronic tuner.

    It does seem extra sensitive due to the shortness of the strings. If a string is just barely a tad out of tune it really shows up.

    Having the short strings has its benefits too though. Since they're short they don't need much tension to get where they need to be, and they seem to stay in tune longer than a full size guitar's strings will.

  12. Just had to post - this is beautiful. Awesome job!


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