Sunday, May 8, 2011


Here are some post-it note doodles that have been scanned and colored. I like the look of simple 2-tone shades much more than airbrushed shading when it comes to black outlined drawings.

I don't enjoy modern comics because of the airbrushed shading they all have. I don't know exactly why it bothers me so much. Maybe it's because of nostalgia for the older flat color style. It wouldn't bother me so much if all the objects had a singular light source, but when I see them it looks like different objects in the same picture are lit separately in a way so each object has it's own uniquely-placed spotlight.

It's weird (to me) to shade something if it's already outlined. If it's shaded then the outlines aren't even necessary. If something isn't shaded then outlines are needed to delineate the forms and shapes. Having both is like wearing boots on top of shoes.

Since I'm already whining about comics, also I don't like the shiny glary paper. I liked old newsprint. It's both cheaper AND easier to see. Also it tones down the gaudy primary colors into something pleasing. I miss the advertisements too. Twinkies ads were just as fun as the actual comics pages.

I always wonder if they quit spending so much time airbrushing, and used cheap paper, and made the books half-full of ads if I could afford them again.

Whoever's in charge, hurry up and fix this stuff!


  1. I agree whole-heartedly! I don't like the overly shaded characters of modern comics OR the slick paper.

    The other affordability issue their missing out on is really utilizing the digital issue. Why are digital comics $1.99? My opinion is (and one that is not popular, I might add) if you're not paying printing costs (paper, ink, bindery), not paying overage costs (estimated print runs that don't sell), not paying for physical distribution (i.e. warehousing, trucking, retailing, etc.) then the 2% that used to go to creators and 5% that used to go to publishers becomes 100% and comics can be read at a MUCH lower fee and creators suddenly make more and have a higher readership than they ever had before.

    Pricing them at 10 or 12 cents like days of old would be devaluing them, so for the sake of keeping their value up, why not 99 cents like a song on iTunes or Amazon?

    It's the 21st century. It's OK to use the technology. Those truck drivers can get more useful jobs than tearing up our highways.

  2. Oh. And as I climb off my soapbox. I really dig your cartoons, too. :P

  3. Airbrush shading is phony the same way CGI effects do not allow us to suspend our disbelief. When something LOOKS phony, it IS phony ! Caveman Philosophy 101 !

  4. Agree on both points. That generic, airbrushed shading just looks terrible, and I hate the hard, shiny paper stock. All the comics now, or at least so many, have the exact same, boring look. It has ruined comics - along with sub-par writing.

  5. Jeff and Lysdexicuss and Mykal and Karswell, All of you guys are right for agreeing with me! I agree with what you guys say too. Digital comics ought to be cheaper. I wouldn't mind if they loaded the edges of the screen with advertisements if I thought that would make it more cheap. Or free. heh heh!

  6. Late to the party... but let me make it anonymous (or unanimous too :)
    I agree with all you guys. Veru nice pics by the way Keith, especially the "Monster"

  7. I value your opinion, sir! Thanks R/E!

  8. I cannot stomach comic books as they are now...nice to hear someone else feels the same way. They are just so ugly to my appeal what so ever.

    I like these three but the bat is just killer!!

  9. Willy thanks! It seems like people don't just not care for new comics; they burn inside with a seething hatred towards them.


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