Friday, May 13, 2011

CIGAR BOX GUITAR - Part 5 of 10

Day 5 of my Cigar Box Guitar Project:

To make a gradient shade around the edge of the headstock I used some watered down Burnt Sienna acrylic paint. It was diluted extra just in case, so when I applied it I could keep adding more until I got the shade I wanted. It's about half way there in this picture.

After the paint dried I put a block on the inside of the box, and used that to screw through, into the neck. If I didn't use the block and just screwed the neck to the flimsy wall of the box it probably wouldn't have been able to support all the stress of the strings.

It had 3 screws, but just to be safe I drilled a deep hole and glued a dowel in for extra strength.

Here it is after the dowel was trimmed flush with the block.

After that, the labels were glued to the front and back faces of the box. Before gluing them down I burned the edges in a few spots. Playing with fire is pretty fun so I had to restrain my desire to go crazy with it. I limited myself to 2 or 3 burn spots per label.
And that's a good stopping place for today. Stay tuned.


  1. It looks so cool already. Lucy is such a good helper; until it's time to take a power nap !

  2. It's a shame that you don't live in Canada where you can use "Robertson screws". Here in the North we drive at 120 kilometers per hour and our beer is stronger which allows us to drive on the right and the left side of the road, simultaniously.

  3. Thanks Lysdexicuss! Lucy is a pretty good helper. Sometimes I need something heavy and warm to sleep on my feet while I try to walk, and fortunately she's always there ready to do her thing.

    Jeeves, Canada sounds great! I've seen Robertson screws but they were weird and foreign to me so I didn't give them a try. Are they better?


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