Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CIGAR BOX GUITAR - Part 3 of 10

Day 3 of my Cigar Box Project. I drilled the holes for the tuning keys and that completes the neck.

The holes aren't symmetrical, but that's the only way they'll fit on the headstock because...

...I'm not using proper 3-key left and right set of strips. Both are rights because I split a full 6-key strip in half. It's a tight squeeze but if I jostle things around just right there's room for it all.

Next the fretboard was glued on. The neck was made just a tad wider than the fretboard so I could sand it down flush with the fretboard.

Here it is after being flushed up.

My friend Bob helped me print the image I found online with a laser printer on slick paper. There are 3 different images on the page but I decided not to use 1 of them.

I glued one of the labels to the headstock. That fancies it up purty nice. Soon this little Big Wolf will howl.
Stay tuned for further developments.


  1. Something about these pictures made me shiver. I feel like I am watching a Mad Dentist proceed with denture work !

  2. Haha! Hey, if you ever need any cheap dentistry done, I do have chisels and a mallet. The mallet helps in the carving and as anesthesia.


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