Saturday, February 6, 2010


I bought two banks from a Japanese website called Strapya. They were around $20 each. I got this and another bank, and the total shipping for both was only $5. That boggles my mind how I can get something shipped from Japan for $5. I recently bought an $8 How-to-Draw book from here in the USA and the shipping was an additional $8.

There are motion sensors in the eyes and that triggers the chomping.

Look at this thing go!


  1. There is something cool yet horrid about that! -- Mykal

  2. Awesome!
    The bank that stares you down as it eats your money!
    Those eyes seem to follow! The rubbery face eatin' action is the coolest!

  3. Mykal, I agree with you. it's somewhere in the uncanny valley. it's just a little too real to be cute.

    Apocolyte, you are right the eyes follow. if i were alone in the house with just this bank i think i'd be tempted to turn it facing the wall.

  4. ah ok, that thing is creepy! i went to that site after you posted the dog bank, and i figured you had bought this one too. it almost looks like that is a monkey's face....


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