Sunday, February 14, 2010


My wife rejects this card.


  1. KW: Absolutely love it! I want a dozen! -- Mykal

  2. Ha! Hilarious!
    I love your humor!
    You just don't see enough ancient Mayan blood ritual sacrifice linked to romantic matters of the heart! This is touching!

    It is wonderfulKW! In my own twisted brain though, if you were to finish the card in color, what do you think if the person on the slab were looking up, not in aghast horror, but in tender, puppy-eyed love at his/her benefactor? As if the words were coming from the victim? Like KrazyKat loving being hit by a brick.

  3. apocolytic addendum:
    There should be a market for greeting cards like this...not everyone likes frilly poofy little cartoon animals and flowers...more cartoon death and dismemberment!That's guy style!
    I think its possible that a happy, toothy smile and a look straight at the audience from the vic might push it a bit past horror into acceptable(?) humor...maybe then even Hallmark would accept it...almost!

  4. Ha ha! yes, they would most certainly accept it if he were smiling! ha ha! but I'd need to catch them on a day they're all drunk. January 2nd might work.

  5. haha! i missed this one, i did a similar valentine one year and it went over about as well...

  6. ha ha! But yours was probably more well drawn i bet.


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