Saturday, February 20, 2010


I don't eat too much Japanese food but I really like their candy. This candy in particular is really good. It's sort of like a gummy bear, but very hard. They put a sour coating on it that will make you almost convulse in pain, but it's a good convulse. These 2 flavors are grape and lemon, and both were super.

In addition to the delicious candy on the inside, there are strange monster illustrations on the outside. They're just slightly too disturbing to be cute, but they almost are. Look at their tails on the backs of the packages. Just look at them!!

It's easiest to buy from a Japanese grocery, but if you don't have one near you there's a website too. It's not in English but apparently you can order from here.

Also check out these other monsters.


  1. you have me all intrigued now. i want to try them. i love the pucker mouths on them.

  2. I would eat this stuff simply BECAUSE of the weirdo character/creatures (which was always my motif in buying cereal...the weirder or more silly...the better)

  3. KW: I do have an oriental market near me and have seen these, but frankly was scared. I couldn't tell if it was a food or perhaps a . . . well, I don't know what. An antacid maybe? At any rate, the tiny, puckered-orifice mouth made me very tense. Of course, I didn't want to make a fool of myself by asking. Thanks for solving this years’ long mystery. I have to try some now. -- Mykal

  4. Brad, you won't be sorry, they are delicious

    R/E, me too. that's originally why i bought them - for the monsters.

    Mykal, ha ha! my trick worked! you will soon be eating something not meant to be eaten! mmwa ha ha! (just kidding, it's candy. trust me!)

  5. Are the tails on the actual candy dimensional?

    I'm guessing not...too hard to manufacture and ship.

    Love the designs!

  6. i'm sad to say the candy didn't have tails. dangit! the candy was just gumdrop-shaped pieces.


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