Friday, February 26, 2010


These are cell phone charms from a shop in China. The two of them together set me back $1.

The weirdly written words on the package try to make it seem like they are against smoking, but who are they trying to kid? This smoking baby is awesome!

There's a little LED light in the tip of the baby's cigarette, and it lights up when you get a call... or at least it did anyway. I think it only works in China. I was heart-broken when I got back to USA and it didn't work anymore. I guess their satellite signals are different than ours. Either that or the batteries died on the plane ride back. When I go to China next time I will bring it with me and see it if works again.

Both babies have poochy bulging eye bags. That's kind of their trademark look it seems. Even if the LED doesn't work here in the states I still think they're pretty nifty.

See some more weird baby cell phone charms here.


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  2. typos! Try again, fool!

    KW: There is something so odd about them that is very surreal, like the baby riding the glowing cigarette butt, or the other baby with a no smoking symbol on its diaper. Not to mention the baby with its heart exposed. Is it a cultural thing, I wonder? Or just simply demented in any culture? -- Mykal

  3. i think they are more then nifty! they kick a$$! man they only set you back a buck! let me know next time you go to china and ill give you 3 bucks and a huge duffel bag to bring me back some loot!

  4. Mykal,
    I think you are right; it does seem to be a cultural thing. I remember marveling at it when I found it, and showing it to Mei and she just went "huh." and then turned back to what she was already looking at.

    If they still have these things I will look for you. I think Mei remembers where I got them.

  5. I do hereby promise, I shall never SOMKE~!

    ps: I quit smoking 7 years ago. ugh. hardest thing my mortal coil ever had to do. coulda bit the heads off live bats, I tell ya~!

  6. Babies should be out of diapers before smoking seriously.
    Everyone knows that!
    These are so awesome!

  7. Lysdexicuss, well done on the actual quitting. I have a few friends at work who've been quitting for the 20 years I've known them.

    Apocolyte, You are so right. the diapers could catch on fire or any number of contents inside the diaper.

  8. I quit smoking about 25 years ago. Had these been around I might have quit a lot sooner.

    I love the baby devil one.

  9. all you guys quitting smoking encourages me to try to quit eating fried foods.


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