Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is a portrait I made for a lady's kid. It went pretty smoothly, but would have been much easier to capture the essence of the kid if he had strange growths or deformities I could have capitalized on. Everyone in the world had a single head, so that makes it more tricky. That means I have to make the head look like this kid. If this kid had 2 heads for instance, I could have drawn 2 basic smiley faces connected to the body and everyone would know it was him.


  1. you did a fantastic job and it really showcases your drawing skillz! i think it is an odd picture to have someone draw. i guess it is better then a straight on portrait which is really boring but still an interesting choice.
    it turned out really great and your drawing is much better then the picture!

  2. Hey ! What gives ?! It's not on Marble Composition Book paper ! My only criticism is that if the shadow of the chair (or whatever) extended up like in the actual photo, it would further help to delineate the child's profile Otherwise, it is amazing ! Good choice of textured paper to add grainy film effect.

  3. Brad, thanks sir! I guess it was an unusual photo but they said it was really difficult to take his picture because he would never hold still long enough. They said that was the best they had.

    Lysdexicuss, Thanks buddy! I think you are right, if i added some dark to the background around his face it would stand out more. I originally left it off because that shadow was coming from another chair, but looking back on it now, it doesn't really matter where a shadow originates if it helps clarify something.

  4. This is really well done man-- I love the colours!

  5. Man, I can just see in my "minds eye" how you would have turned this into something, er, a "bit off" if given the opportunity. :)

  6. Abz thanks sir! I perused your blog and you have a great drawing style.

    R/E you are right. If given an opportunity that boy would have 2 heads.


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