Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TOYS (Wolfmen, Cavemen, and more)

I have a few drawers full of old one-color (or sort of colored,) non-articulated toys like these. I really like them. I can't remember where they came from but it's most likely from barrels of junk at flea markets, yard sales and the Goodwill. I like when there's a big box of random stuff I can dig through. Usually when it's a box of random mixed-up junk they sell it cheap.



Boxers with abnormally large craniums. About 1" from head to base.

The bottom of this one says "FLYING CARPET" so I guess he's supposed to be a genie.

After years and years of collecting this stuff when I open a drawer I find things I have no memory of putting in there.


  1. these are rad! i love the cavemen and the boxers! after seeing your studio i know you have a ton of this stuff so let's see some more!

  2. There's plenty more. I'll post some tomorrow. thanks Brad!

  3. i have that Wolfman in black, he's from the "Unbreakable Weird Monsters" series, check it out, i have the whole set, got 'em in boxes of Frito-Lay Variety Packs...


  4. Prof
    Thanks, I was wondering where the Wolfman originated. It looks like a kid must have put the "unbreakableness" to the test on mine. His base is almost broken in half. There's a thru-hole in the middle. I wonder why. The others in the link you sent all had thru-holes in their bases too.

  5. well back in the day kids used to put 'em on the ends of pencils, that was just before the big licensed-character pencil eraser boom(first one i remember seeing was the Frito Bandito), but i think the holes might have been there because of the way the plastic was poured into the molds. maybe.

  6. that explains things. thanks! it looks like a kid actually tried to erase something with the wolfman i have from the looks of his nose.


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