Sunday, February 28, 2010


Here are some more cell phone charms I got in China. They are so similar to the smoking babies I wonder if they are related. They both have poochy bulging eyes and huge heads, and they are doing something inappropriate for babies.

Instead of glamorizing cigarettes these babies come with guns. Their purpose is to glamorize war I guess. People in China aren't allowed to have guns so they don't really need to tell anyone "Think about your children before you gonna sooht."

I recognize most of the military hats but not the yellow Gilligan-ish hat.


  1. Kw: The stuff that nightmares are made of, my friend. Those beady eyes with hooded lids, those bulbous cheeks and lips; somehow hideously lifelike - Oh, lord, they even have "outie" bellybuttons. AAAAHHHHHH!! -- Mykal

  2. You manage to find some of the neatest stuff!
    Is it true personal guns are not allowed in China?
    Thank God we live in a free society where we can shoot one another without government interference.

  3. Mykal, ha ha! is this the uncanny valley?

    Apocolyte, it IS true! i think their government fears a takeover and there are so many people in China it would probably go off without a hitch if they had guns.

  4. Whenever I want to see, read, and imbibe in creepy things, I come here to this sui generis blog of keen-osity... thank goodness you're such a great provider Keith... my Monday has been made better.

  5. wow to think i was still trying to figure these guys out from the last post and then BAM here are some more. i think the thing that makes these so interesting is they seem so completely random. they make no sense at all. kind of like "Egg Wok Man"....??

  6. R/E, Thanks for the comment! Glad to know your monday was happy.

    Brad, They confuse me too. My wife said the Chinese writing on the hats say "soldier team." It doesn't really clear it up all that much but explains the guns.


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