Monday, February 15, 2010


This is taken from a book of collected Weird Science reprints 6-10. I believe this story comes from issue 8. The whole story is great, but I consider these two panels to be pure gold. They would be great blown up and framed and hung over the mantle.

I love their dialogue and the way they deduct a possible cause to their problem. I wish I knew how to type sarcastic words because the statement the Admiral makes in the 2nd panel deserves a big sarcastic "REEEEAAALLY?!?!? No way. Are you suuuure?!"

And then the guy talking to him is a real genius. Is he kidding? That never occurred to him either until just now? Two months later?!?! Really?!

That's the Pentagon! Aren't they supposed to be on top of things?


  1. Classic.

    My question is does a dehyrated monster escape an air craft carrier?

    And more importantly, how does one dehydrate a monster anyway?

    The comic book world is a perfectly puzzling place.

    Btw...My copy of Guy Girl Goon arrived about three weeks ago. Of course I've not seen it yet, as I'm still in PEI until March.

    It will be like Christmas!

  2. lol yes you're right this is pure gold. however, i think i will let you hang it on your mantle :)

  3. The Secretary of the U.S. a purple suit, smoking a stogie, and adorned with a "Three Stooges" type haircut... oh, that the real Government was this cool!

  4. I would follow any officer named "Admiral Balsey" into the mouth of hell. -- Mykal

  5. Willy, i think you can dehydrate monsters by putting them is a beef jerky machine. they are good with soy sauce. Thanks for the purchase and I hope you like it!

    Brad, Come on! hang it on your mantle with me!

    R/E and Mykal, You guys are right. How could anyone be cooler?!


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