Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Here in town a Chinese restaurant called Wok N Roll just opened up. They haven't had their grand opening yet. They call this the "soft opening" and so far things seem to be going pretty successfully. I designed their menus and wall decorations, and created this mascot for them. Originally I called him Mr. Eggroll but the lady who owns the restaurant changed his name to Mr. Eggwok.

Here is their take-out menu.

Inside face:

Outside face:

In addition to this I also made a dine-in menu, drive-thru menu display, gift certificates and business cards and anything else they needed. I'll post more photos after they have their grand opening.

They needed some music to play in the parking lot and on radio commercials so my brother and I recorded a theme song for them. I couldn't figure out how to embed music files on this blog, so I made a video version. I voted for my brother to sing instead of me since it would be heard by people immediately before eating.


  1. You sir, continue to be my hero!
    This is stellar stuff... I am such a huge fan of mascots, logos, and funny character "pitchmen." Mr Eggwok is now in the Pantheon of Cool.
    your pal

  2. Great the logo...your name for the little guy is better than the one your client picked! purchase from your stores came today. I'm still in P. E. I. so I won't be seeing it in the "flesh" as it were until I return to Toronto in the middle of March.

    It will be like an early birthday....or a late Christmas.

  3. Wow!
    Fantastic full service ad campaign!
    That had to be a trip hearing your theme song on the radio -- nice song!
    Well done!

  4. Matt and Willy and Apocolyte, Thanks guys!
    Willy, thanks for letting me know the package came. Happy soon-birthday!

  5. oh god how i love this! i absolutely love mr eggroll. i wont call him mr eggwok (even though i think the name is kinda funny). the jingle you wrote is awesome too! great job, where are the T-SHIRTS!!!!

  6. Thanks Brad! I'm glad everyone likes the mascot. If she doesn't have T-shirts yet she will in the very near future. She had me do an oval design for shirts a few weeks ago.

  7. Great job with song and graphic design both; I would absolutely eat there. That menu would look so cool under a magnet against my fridge door! -- Mykal

  8. Do they have a take out menu? What is their mile limit for deliver? ;-) -- Mykal

  9. Ha ha! You may exceed the mile limit. If they deliver to you they're probably expect a tip. Thanks Mykal for visiting and the comments.


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