Saturday, February 13, 2010

OLD TOYS (Trophies and a caged giraffe)

I got one of these at a plea market, and found the other one in an old toy box as my grandmother's house. I just now noticed they seem to be from the same set. I guess they came from cereal boxes.

The backs of these trophies give very helpful assembly advice. I bet the kids who didn't know how to read English were really confused about what to do.

This is pretty nifty. It's a very tiny giraffe in a train car, and the giraffe has some pivoting motion inside the cage but I can't figure out the purpose.


  1. Cool stuff. Did you mean to write 'plea market'; it is a wonderful play on words. The p and f are pretty far away on the keyboard is why i'm wondering. Whenever I go to a flea market, I haggle, or PLEA with the Seller. You are a MONSTER among wordsmiths if this was intended. If not, uh... nice toys !

    (REGARDLESS: I am stealing plea-market and making it my own HAH HAH HA HAH HAAAAA !)

  2. wow these are great! you should make a little trophy case for them. i bet that giraffe is a happy giraffe.....

  3. That's right Brad!! Giraffe's are always always always happy! Sorry, still reeling from KW's threat to draw a demonic giraffe.

    KW: It's difficult to see what makes that monkey a "champion." He seems, at best, an average monkey - and that's being kind. Let's face it. His expression suggests some pretty dim wattage. -- Mykal

  4. Man,you've got a great blog here! Good stuff!

  5. Lysdexicuss- after all the praise on my word smithery it's very tempting to say i did that on purpose, but i'm ashamed to say it was accidental. Don't ask me how I got that far off. It must have been Freudian or something.

    Brad- ha ha! what giraffe wouldn't be happy locked in a cage so small they had to cut a hole in the top to accommodate his head?

    Mykal- Ha ha! you are right, that monkey does seem kind of average. Maybe we just can't tell from the photo but he's a genius when it comes to banana eating.

    Shawn- Thanks sir for the visit and comment! Have a happy day

    happy valentines day


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