Sunday, December 13, 2009


Here's one more short part from the wood shop movie my friend Allen and I made. This is a very small chunklet of a more lengthy hammering scene.

The hand in the closeup is mine. The bulk of our movie was recorded on a camcorder, but this closeup hand scene was filmed with my plain old Kodak M1033 pocket camera, on the movie setting. I thought it looked as good as what we did with the camcorder (which may not be saying much.)

The music in the background was written and recorded by my brother Kevin and me. My brother is singing, drumming and playing the rhythm guitar. I played the slide guitar and I guess that's it. I do remember also the words were being made up on the fly, as the tape-recorder cranked. Kevin would sing a line, think of a line, sing a line, and so on. He was really good because every line rhymed and was right on beat, and it even made sense. In one part of the song I whisper-suggested something for him to sing and it made us both laugh, and he had trouble singing the rest. We kept all the laughing in the song. You can hear bird chirping in the background. That's not coming from outside; it was all on that song. We had a budgie back then and he chirped a lot when we recorded. I'm sure it was bird-talk for WOOHOO! ENCORE!

For more scenes from our film masterpiece click HERE and HERE.


  1. "whatever kind of tape this is....tape the hammer to your good as having two hands"
    I'm dying laughing... then the music starts.... Allen is now one of my favorite comedians... WAY FUNNIER THAN Tim Allen (Tim the Toolman)...

  2. I'll tell Allen you like his 'method.' Mostly he's not acting, and he doesn't know what he's doing when it comes to hammers and nails and power tools. Thanks for the comment!

  3. KW: It's a real pleasure to see a fellow so comfortable around tools. Tell Allen that his fan base is growing! -- Mykal

  4. Thanks Mykal! I'll tell him. I hope it doesn't go to his head.


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