Thursday, December 3, 2009


Those dreamy eyes! That dreamy wig! Those dreamy dance moves during the guitar solo! Those dreamy nervous glances into the camera at inappropriate moments! Oh, how could the ladies resist?! Actually I love this song so much I forgive him for all of that.

Johnny Rebb and the Atlantics are from Australia and apparently they were a surf band before Johnny joined. I wanted to buy a cd with this song but the only one I found on Amazon was $45.99. Poop! They must want that cd more than me so I'm letting them keep it. They offer a used copy for $75.13 which makes perfect sense. I guess as long as it's available on Youtube I don't really need to buy it.


  1. this is awesome! holy cow! they all look so uncomfortable. the guitar player after his killer solo looked like he was gonna puke.

  2. You're right, KW, great song, funny vid.
    What's on his head?

  3. Brad, I noticed that too! ha ha!

    Apocolyte, I've never seen one like that. It looks like he cut the tail off a Davey Crockett cap. The entire video is uncomfortable.

    But it is a good song.

  4. Wow, I gotta say it too: What the hell is that thing on his head? Apparently his hair "style" was the prototype for Donald Trump's.

    Did you ever watch "Jonny Quest" on TV and take a good look at the way Jonny's hair was drawn and think, "I wonder what he'd look like in real life?" He'd look just like this guy.

  5. The song is as cool as the hairpiece is weird.

    The hairpiece is as weird as the performance is wooden and stilted.

    The performance is a wooden and stilted as the set is ill designed.

    Seriously ....great song, and one i've not ever heard before.

    Thanks for posting!

  6. Willy,

    Your review of this video is like deep poetry.

    I do really like this song. So much so, I brought it into Audacity and did surgery on the sound track and replaced the cut off ending with pieces out of the rest of the song. (just for fun! if the police are reading this, I'm not selling it!)

  7. Hey, I'm a guitar freak as well!

    My short film "Weenie Wagon Woe" features NYC guitar great Marc Ribot.

    Do you know him?

    You can see a colour key of my film early on my pencilpusher49 blog, back about 2 years ago. It will give you an idea of what it will look like.

    It hits the fests next year sometime.

    Btw ..i have about 14 guitars!!

    Love the early Kinks as well!!

  8. Your cartoon looks great! I'm excited to see it finished.

    Wow, 14 guitars! I thought I had a lot. I've been considering thinning down my pile. it uses up my middle room.

    I didn't know Marc Ribot but I googled him and he's good. How did you get him? is he expensive?


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