Tuesday, December 29, 2009


WOW! The Mexican title is "La Nave de los Monstruos." I just ordered it on DVD at Amazon. I can't wait to get it. The dvd doesn't have any subtitles, but from the looks of it, I don't think it really needs any. It seems like even if I could understand what they were saying, I'd still be confused.


  1. hey, thanx for the tip-off, i've had a few copies of this on bootleggy vhs tapes, this is good news! you'll dig it, trust me!

  2. Hey, big-headed aliens,swimsuits, and robots!!! The trifecta. All that's missing is a few gorillas.

  3. WTF? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That was beautiful!! My favorite is the talking skeletal canine or whatever it is, that is so freakin' funny!!!!

  4. The second to last one should be in a chiropactor's ad! She should be saying :Is this where it hurts? Looks like a pulled muscle to me"

    This movie must have had a huge budget. LOL


  5. Prof - it was only about $6 in the side store section. I know i'm gonna like it. i already do just from seeing 3 1/2 minutes.

    R-E - Yes Gorillas would make anything better. They are kind of like bacon.

    Extremo - He reminds me of some of your puppets.

    M&M's M - Ha Ha! Yes this budget probably put them way over their limit.

  6. Wow...alll this is from the same flick!! Genius!!

  7. Did we just witness the birth of El Chupacabra ? Forget being confused~ I am in love~!


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