Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Another drawing using black and white pencils on green-colored paper. Ladies, how would you like to be kissed by those lips? It would probably feel like some 5th-grader drove over your face with his Huffy bicycle.
I like this guy a lot from the nose up. I don't like him as much under the nose. I think what I don't like is his blocky chin. He may have been better chinless, with a face coming right out of his neck.

Hope everybody had a good Christmas.


  1. I think this guy would be a good trumpet player with those lips!!

    Love the simplicity of these

    Happy New Year!

  2. He reminds me of some famous actor (the lips and shape of the mouth; along with the closed eyes) but I can't think who? Dang, this is going to keep me up.
    Oh, I love him!

  3. Willy
    Thanks for the kind words and the thanks for the visit.

    There's an actor who looks like THAT?! Yuck!

    Happy New Year to you guys

  4. excellent drawing as always. i disagree i love the block chin and i especially love those eyes!


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