Monday, December 14, 2009

SLIM and SLAM #1

Here's a whole new set of characters. I can't stick with anything! Eventually I wanna do more Blood Count comics but I keep getting distracted. I added some yellow shades to this because people like color.

Here's what it looks like without color:

I hear all kinds of techniques when it comes to chess. One guy told me you have to think 7 moves ahead. That's ridiculous! Who can do that?! And then if the other guy doesn't move like you wanted him to, your plans are down the crapper. I used to know some 3-move winning trick back in the day, but I've forgotten it now. I'm sure it's easy to look up on the googlenets. I remember it was something to do with moving a pawn out of the way so the queen and bishop could slide out.


  1. Keith,
    I know you probably think I'm just stroking your ego with complments (cause I like you and think your cool; well, that part is true) but MAN!!!! You really need to be submitting these to MAD or, there other markets for cartoons on the national level?? We used to have Sick, Crazy, MAD, and others as well. This new SLIM & SLAM mojo is great (the big guy and the little guy is so mythopoeic..or whatever the word is) Just a great gag my friend.
    r/e (which stands for "r"eally "e"nvious)

  2. I've run out of adjectives.

    I'll invent one for's "spore-tastic?"

    Nah, that's not it...

    Maybe..."it's fun-erific?"

    Closer....hmmm....but that's not it...

    I'll get back to the meantime..keep 'em coming and get them the hell out in the real world!!!!! there is a game!! You only have to think one move "behind"!

  3. KW: I like! Very funny. I vote sans color. -- Mykal

  4. I like it too, very funny! I agree with mykal, I think I like it better sans color.

  5. Rogue & Willy -
    Thanks for the encouragement and the pushing to sell. i appreciate it and need pushed sometimes.

    Mykal & Brad -
    I like B&W myself, but usually someone will always say they wish it was in color. Although I did sort of cheat on this one. It's only one color.


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