Sunday, December 20, 2009


Like anyone who enjoys drawing, I have stacks of note books with stuff like this in it.

I notice when other people doodle in notebooks they can get 10 or 15 things on a page. I struggle with this and try to squeeze in several ideas, but I'm never successful. This may be why I have so many note books, because I only have 1 thing per page. I'm a paper waster.


  1. I go both routes...full page drawings of one single idea, or character, and then pages filled to the brim with a plethora of pencil pushings.

    No surface is safe, drawing surface or otherwise.

    I really like to see sketch book drawings as well as finished art.

    Btw..have a great holiday!!!

  2. KW: This is cool stuff. I went back through some of your similar posts and found your cartoon of the parrot saying "Hmmm, What's this wire! . . . . Hmmm, what's this wire?" Man, that's just very, very funny. -- Mykal

  3. Willy, Thanks for the insights into your methods.

    Mykal, Thanks for taking the time to look deeper. I always wonder if the older things ever get looked at.

    You guys have a happy Christmas!

  4. Love the look (the expression) on the bird's face. I guess that will be two drumsticks extra crispy.


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