Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I think I did this drawing more for the joke name than the character itself.

This was made with the "Liquify" tool in my photo manipulatin' program.

1st I drew an aqua-blue colored ball and shaded it with the airbrush tool.

Then I used the Liquify filter in my photo-manipulatin' program. With that you can squish and squoosh and stretch it into any shape you desire, just like clay.

Don't forget to save a copy of your original ball shape on another layer beforehand so you can add new pieces to your creation. His body was 1 piece, the feathers were separate pieces, his legs and toes were separate pieces, and his beak was a separate piece. I changed the hue of the beak to make it orange, and added nose holes, but it's mostly just a smashed up ball shape. Same for the legs, I used the Hue adjustment to change their color after I got them squeezed into the shapes I wanted.

The cheeks, head and eyeballs were all separate pieces. To make pieces blend smoothly together (like the cheeks into the head) I feathered the edges with the eraser tool so they were fuzzy.

I'll try to make a tutorial but it seems so simple and intuitive I don't know if anyone would need it. If you can squash a ball of clay then you can do this. Give it a try!


  1. Me too, plus, gaze deeply into this bird's eyes, and tell me, that he ain't just about ready to go and "flip" you (the viewer) the bonafide "bird." What attitude and insouciance you've given this feathered blob Keith!!

  2. Thanks Willy and R/E! HA! I need to remember that word 'insousiance.'

  3. Hi KW, Thanks for posting this information! I hope to use it to "boogerfy" my work!

  4. Thanks Shannon! I hope this makes your boogers even more pretty.


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