Monday, December 28, 2009


This guy looks like he'd have snubbed me back in high school.

I remember back in high school there were some pretty snobby kids. There was a regular neighborhood where regular kids came from, and then there was this fancy area where all the doctors' and lawyers' kids lived. They kept to their group and we kept to ours.

Once, one of the snob girls crossed the forbidden barrier into my zone and was very suspiciously friendly all of the sudden. She and I had never talked in all the years we were in school together. In fact all the times before, she would literally sneer at me every time she looked at me. I suspected she wanted something. Eventually she asked me if I could draw some logo for some elite HS club where only the snobs were made to feel welcome. I told her I'd do it and asked when the deadline was. I remember from the very start I had no intention of doing it.

Daily, she would sweet-talk me and ask me if the logo was finished. I kept telling her "almost." She said all of the people in her club were waiting and excited about it. Then she'd sweet-talk a little more and go on about her way. It made me sick. Then the last day came, and the hour before it was due I got my friend Russell to draw something.

He didn't draw but was more than happy to help. It was supposed to be a bear, like our HS mascot doing some club-related thing. I told him to make buggy eye balls and a snake tongue. He made the tongue slithering out into a spiral, and also gave the bear pointy ears, and lightning bolts emitting from it's protruding eyeballs. Also the name of our school was Central, and he spelled it Cintrel.

The next hour came and the girl showed up and asked if the picture was ready and I handed her that masterpiece. She laughed at 1st and said, "No. Really. Where is the drawing?"

I said "If it was up your butt you'd know it!" and then my buddies cackled with laughter. She was one mad snob that day.

At the time it seemed like a just and right thing to do, but nowadays I kind of feel like a jerk for it.


  1. KW: Love this drawing. The prissy mouth is perfect. About the snob girl, I would have recommended a different course of action. Had it to do over, you might have gone all out, done your level best, knocked her socks off by showing what real talent (not money) is capable of, and made a friend for life and possibly reformed a snob into a real person. Just a thought. Bear in mind, I fully understand the need for payback for those sneers she gave you. We can never redo the actions of our youth. Man, I wish we could.

    Thanks for the great story and a great drawing. -- Mykal

  2. It would be nice if it could have worked out like that. I suspect though she would have taken the drawing without a thank you and then sneered at me the next day. She was a special kind of person.

  3. I guess I got carried away with the holiday spirit. One always hopes for a Jimmy Stewart movie ending . . . .

  4. You are honorable, sir. I wish more people were like you. I think as I get older and the hammer of life smashes me down, I become more and more grumpy.

  5. I'm still laughing at the great story (not to mention the great drawing; kind of looks like Max Schreck's great, great grandfather after all the face jobs let loose). What you did to that snob girl, Keith, is, well.... what I would have done too. You are like my "wish-fulfillment guy" in the flesh... doing what I only dream of doing.
    The whole vignette would make a great couple of scenes in a 90210 series (or maybe on Buffy, when they were still all at Sunnydale High)

  6. Thanks R/E
    After rereading what I wrote I'm somewhat ashamed of myself now. I like to think that was the 18 year old Keith. They say your body cells slough off a little at a time, and every 7 years you've completely replaced all of your cells. When I think about it like that, it's like that wasn't even me who did that mean trick. It was WAAAY more than 7 years ago. The person who did that is literally gone with the wind.

  7. wow! you were pretty great in High School. I went and checked out your other drawings.

  8. I would love to see this illo in a 3/4 would be a cool challenge.

    About your story....we all have our "jerk" stories...funny how they all seem to be from high school, huh?

    I could write a book...

  9. Thanks guys. I think I told this story possibly as a confession. Maybe now I can feel forgiven.


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